So there I was, drinking a beer with a friend of mine and we started talking about KakaoStats. He liked the system itself and bla bla bla, so I told him it’s running on an old laptop and I’m saving some money to buy a proper PC to run it.

After a couple more beers he gave me the idea to ask for donations. I’ve never actually considered that. I decide to run KakaoStats because I like to work with servers and I’ve been missing that lately. (I used to be network/system administrator until I started working with automation) So, it’s kind of a hobby for me…

But unlikely my go-kart hobby, I’m not the one who enjoys it more. Of course I do enjoy it quite a lot, even in the background or checking my points.

Anyway… I took some time, re-activated my Paypal account (and another Brazilian-only payment gateway) and created the donate buttons! Feel free to donate the amount you feel you should donate, small or big values will be only used to improve KakaoStats. All donations are done in BRL, so check the currency!

My first plan is to buy a new hardware. I already have a rack case, PSU and two 2TiB 2.5″ HDD. Plus I found this HDD case yesterday and I’m really mad because I just ordered a new one from China. When arrive I’ll try to sell it and save the money for other hardware.

HDD Case

While I don’t have the money, I’m checking some good cost-benefit CPUs and I found out a bottleneck in the current hardware. The 2TiB HDD I’m using runs only at 5.400 rpm, I have room but I don’t have performance. When importing data and it needs the HDD the CPU usage goes low and it takes time, but the worst part is that navigating in KakaoStats become slower. Indexed part still normal, but sometimes it’s needed to go to disk to fetch some data, and it also is bad for importing task. So I added to hardware list also two SSD drives (will be mirrored) to run the OS and the database and then HDD will be used only for backups.
Please don’t feel obligated to donate money. Kakao will still exists and I’ll also buy some things by myself for it.

New Blog

Hi everyone, I created this blog to keep you updated about what’s going on about Kakao like server crashes, maintenance and stuff.

As you may know, I started running Kakao in May 2015 (I guess) and in Jan 2016 server went down for a long period. I was hired a server in a datacenter to run Kakao and was paying with my credit card. Unfortunately someone cloned my credit card while I was in a long trip.

My bank cancelled it and I did not have enough time to backup the contents of the site like database and user/team data files, so I needed to start from zero again.

I was waiting until I get my credit card back to reactivate the site again. But I still don’t have it yet and not sure when I’ll get it back. So I decided to host it on my own. Main idea was to host it in my own internet link, but seems that my ISP is avoiding NAT on the router and this makes me unable to make the server online.

One friend of mine who has some good infrastructure on his office offered me a place on his rack to put my server there. And on 17/08/2016 Kakao was back!!!

Currently Kakao is running on an old laptop I have, it’s a HP DV5 with an Athlon II P320 Dual Core @ 2.1 GHz, 8GB of RAM and 2TB of HDD. It seems weaker then the i7 @ 3.4 GHz and 16 cores, but somehow it’s running faster than before.


There’s three issues on this laptop:

  1. It’s not 100% reliable. I got it damaged from a friend, send it to repair and used for other purposes for a year. It’s stable but I’m not able to reboot it remotely because it most of the times get stuck on BIOS. This concern me about how long it will survive.
  2. As the database grows (currently 36GB) I notice it is taking a little more time to import user and team files, this might be a problem in the future.
  3. It only has one HDD. No mirror. No back-ups. I’m configuring an OneDrive account with 1TB space I have to backup the files. But still, if the HDD suddenly decides to die it will cost me some time to restore everything.

Based on that, I’m planning to replace this laptop for a new server ASAP. My friend who is hosting the server offered me a server case and a PSU, but I still need the “rest”. The total amount of cores doesn’t actually matter since the database only can use one at a time while importing files and the traffic is not big enough to make it use all of them serving pages. Same for Apache. Good news is that it’ll be cheap to buy the mainboard, memory and CPU. Expensive part will be another 2TB HDD to create a mirror.

That’s it for now… Thanks!