Kakao down for maintenance


I just started to backup the server to reinstall it in the SSD. It’ll still be accessible until the physical shutdown.

As you might have noticed, it’s not updating since 25/06 7:30. I found out the problem already, but still no clue where to start to fix it. Actually I’m hoping that new installation will fix it! 🙂

Also, now I found out the first server problem that is the reason why it’s at my home now. For some reason I absolutely don’t know why, it get REALLY slow when connected to a gigabit network.

I found this out while connecting it to a gigabit switch instead of directly connected to my router to do the backup… Would be faster, of course… Now it’ll take sometime. Hopefully it’ll be fixed with fresh install. Otherwise I’ll try an Intel NIC instead of this crappy Realtek.

Not that I actually need a gigabit network, even ISP only provides 20mbps and traffic is far below that, but since the server is hosted somewhere else for free, I don’t wish to get them trouble always reminding I need a 100mbps port instead.

I’ll take a shower now and pour some coffee hoping backup finish soon.

Keep you posted.

EDIT: Updates here!

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