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Hi everyone!

I’ve been away from here for a few time. You might have noticed a few times server was down without any news!

Well… Few things happened! One of the times we were reassembling the server in its rack. It took us the whole day!

Another time was a crazy switch that screwed the network. Few days later the trainee did a factory reset in the router, as he was supposed to do that in the wireless router not “in the router”.

But the biggest issue I’m facing now is the server’s NIC. If you read earlier posts, you already know that it’s a nVidia NIC. I had one in one gamer PC I had years ago… No problem at all!

Problem is on Linux driver. Firstly you need some parameters to start up the NIC properly and I was thinking this was the only issue.

Turns out that there’s another bigger issue in this driver. After a link down, network is not coming back again. If you unplug and plug the network cable it won’t go back. You need to manually restart your network (or the whole server, if you’re the trainee without root’s password). Weirdly the leds in the switch and NIC are blinking, but in syslog you can only see “link down” and never a link up.

I was digging Google for some clues, but I couldn’t find anything related and I was pretty surprised for a while. Later it came to my mind that probably 99.9% of this NICs are running on desktops. It means they start up the computer in the morning and shutdown in the same day. They don’t probably won’t be up and running during a switch failure or some disconnect. Even if they are, it’s not a big deal to reboot the system.

Probably I could dig more for a solution, but lately I’m so busy with my job that I’m barely having time to call my friend and tell him everything is down. Luckily it’s stable for past few weeks.

And most important is: does it worth? I mean… The cheapest NIC will do the job and it takes like 5 minutes to fit it in the slot.

That’s the plan for the future! I have no clue when it’s happening, since I’m traveling week after week and the most optimistic forecast is that I’ll be free in 2 months maybe.

Another plan is to move blog and forum to domain. But let’s see!


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