New server is (almost) ready!


I finally got some money and bought a brand new equipment.

Firstly I bought a MB that supports DDR3 and the old Core2Duo, but I couldn’t find any 4GB cards with 16 chips on it, then I returned.

So… I bought an ASRock N68-XXX-XXX (I don’t really remember the model) with a AMD FX-4300 on it plus 8GB DDR3-1600. I know it’s not the best it could be, but it’ll handle the database and webserver nicely.

Actually I bought it last week, but it took me couple of hours to make nVidia’s NIC to work on Linux (I’ll post later how I did it). Also I did few benchmarks in a few HDD’s I have. Finally when I choose the HDD’s and installed the OS, somehow it was pretty slow in Linux software RAID, what makes me move to MB RAID. Yeah.. I know it’s “fake RAID”, but I don’t care as long as it does what I need.

Right now I’m moving the backup from old to new server. This might take a while since old server has a 100mbps NIC. While doing this I’ll configure the rest.

Idea is that until the end of the day it’ll be moved totally. If you notice the website is down, probably is being migrated.

Came back later with news!


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