“That day has arrived?”

Quoting my wife’s words this morning when she saw me with the server in my hands…..

Yes! The server is laying in my friend’s office from now on.

I might haven’t wrote here yet, but unfortunately I couldn’t receive the Dell PowerEgde that PS3EdOlkkola donated to me.

This is due to stupid brazilian custom’s law! Turns out it’s impossible to import a refurbished (or used) equipment to Brazil. Why? God knows why! Even that he (or even I’d do so) agreed to pay all the needed taxes… Crappy laws we have down here………………

Well.. After that my plan became to buy some new hardware in my trip to Canada, that happened in the last 3 weeks. I started saving some money to buy PSU, CPU, motherboard, memory and 2 SSDs.

Problem is that sometimes the world seems to turn in the other direction for you. 2017 is being a hard year for me! Not only I’m paying huge bills because my company bankrupted, but also my wife was kidnapped and our car was stolen together with laptop, cell phone and everything inside the car.

She’s alive and well, but the car did not haven’t insurance (it’d cost half car per year). So I’m paying the debt for a car I don’t have anymore and needed to buy another one. Or two in the case, since we bought a good one and a really cheap one.

That’s where all the money I was saving had to be used.

What’s the actual status?

Server is still a Core2Duo E8400 with 4GB of RAM (if you know where to buy 4GB DDR2 cards that works in a Gigabyte motherboard, let me know) and two old 160GB SATA HDDs in RAID 0.

Yes, it’s dangerous! But that’s what we got for now! I’m configuring an old laptop I have with a 2TB HDD to sync scripts and backups daily at least.

If something burn, then we figure it out! That’s how we live down here! 🙂



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