Low memory

Hi all,

I woke up this morning with a message in the forum from Arto saying that his news users wasn’t showing anywhere.

After digging for a while I could find out that actual server has not enough memory to import the files. This now explains me why laptop is taking 30 minutes to import them and server only 5 minutes. True is that it was only importing data for already existing users and when doing calculations that include create new users interface ran out of memory and crashed.

First thing to fix was set the webservice to use laptop database instead. Then I was planning to out and buy more memory. If you read earlier posts you might remember that current server is a Core2 Duo E8400, this means memory DDR2. And this fuckers are hard to find, especially in 4GB pieces.

I could not find in any local store, so I created a swap file to add more swap memory. This fixed temporarily, but increased quite a lot importation time.

So I went to internet and bought 2x 4GB DDR2-800. Quite expensive for its age, but that’s what we have now. Till now customs have not released the server Mr. Ed donated, but this is another story!



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