Restore Finished! :)


At 21/09/2016 roundly 00:00 UTC time restore was finished!

Took extra time for two reasons:

  • Old Atom D2500 motherboard was screwed and it was showing some kernel errors from time to time that froze the OS. One friend gave me an Intel 775 motherboard, it was still in the box never used, so I bought a cheap Core2Duo E8400 plus 4GiB of memory in some kind of eBay we have in Brazil. It’s currently overclocked at 3.6GHz getting close to 90°C because it came without cooler and is relying on a Celeron 430 cooler. I bought a new one already, but did not receive yet.
  • Because sometimes there’s no user or data file from Stanford, restore script always got stuck on that and stopped. Of course first Murphy’s law is unmerciful and the first time it happened was during weekend while I was on the beach without internet access. Almost tree days without restore running. Aaaand I sleep from time to time, so happened few times during that either.

I was checking yesterday the source code of KakaoStats everyone knew, and I guess I know how to get it running again. I’ll travel for training today and I’ll have some spare time in hotel today and tomorrow evening so I already started up a virtual machine to play on it.

What do you think? Should I do it? Which version you liked more? Should I get both running? Let me know…!

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