Restoring…. :(


You might have noticed that since 13/09/2016 @ 15:20 UTC there’s no updates.

At first I was assuming this was just another time without new files. It happens from time to time. Then I connected the server to check and somehow it’s downloading the files and importing correctly without any errors.

Since I was already working on a script to restore the database with backup files in the coming soon Dell PowerEdge, I started doing this in a computer I have here. Pretty simple, it’s an Atom D2500 with 4GB of RAM, but works (or seems so). This one is serving new domain already.

While it started restoring I got back to current server and begin to investigate WTH no new data in the data base. No clue so far!

So I gave up for now, because I have other stuffs to do (like work) and decided to run the restore script in the old server. No data will be lost since even with the script running new files are being downloaded.



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