Good news, bad news….

What do you want first? Good news or bad news?

Let’s go with chronological order… Good news first!

Last Friday (02/08/2016) I got an email from Ed and he offered a whole new server to host KakaoStats. I wasn’t really expecting that! Really!! When I read the email with a link for the proposed server I was expecting something like a PC (what I was planning to replace the actual laptop), but then I opened the link and became speechless… A Dell PowerEdge R710 with 3x 1TiB HDD (hot swap), 96GiB of RAM and 2x Xeon 6 cores (don’t remember the model), plus everything else that comes in this kind of server. Not even in my hottest dreams I ever imagined a server like this to run KakaoStats!!

Don’t even need to talk about its reliability, but the power of this server opens a whole new world to KakaoStats. I already had the plan to re-write KakaoStats codes from front and backend, and rebuild its DataBase. But now it can be done in a new level, and that’s the plan. Stay tuned for news!!

Aaand the bad news…

Later in the same day someone broke my car to steal the spare tire and also stole both my laptops! Some documents were also lost, some were found, but still no clue of laptops and even my little daughter clothes that I bought couple of hours before that. My HTPC was also there and they didn’t steal, my RayBan glasses, phone charger, 5 liters of 2 stroke oil to my go-kart wasn’t steal also. I’m really sad because, not only I lost my brand new laptop (other one belong to the company I work for), but the contents inside. Most stuff was saved in OneDrive (piece of shit, don’t use it) but 2 external HDDs with 1TiB was stole and my MP3 folder from 20 years of downloads (some was still downloaded with Napster) was in secondary HDD and I’m not sure if I have backup.

But anyways… Life still goes on!



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